Nature Video Of The Day: Wild Dogs Steal An Impala From A Leopard, Hyenas Steal Impala From Wild Dogs

Warning ----- NSFL ----- Definitely gets a little gruesome 

If you're into nature videos and shows, Kruger Sightings is a great YouTube channel to subscribe to. We have boring ass wild life in the midwest, so I get my nature fix in when I'm on the can courtesy of these guys. Most of the videos they pump out are great. That is until I saw this one. I got MAJOR beef with a few of the animals in here.

Let's start with the impala... Fuck you impala! You showed absolutely NO fight at all while 3 separate animals were trying to eat you. Like holy shit dude, grow some balls. I mean that literally, I know they got eaten off...

but grow some goddamn balls and fight for your life. You did NOTHING to fend those goddamn predators off!!! Just a complete and total embarrassment to the animal kingdom. You had that one split second to run when the leopard dropped you and the dogs started to attack you, so that leads me to believe you could have at least kicked at them or tried to ram your horns through their eyeballs. You did none of that. Just let them have their way with you, and now you're dead. 

Next on my shit list is the leopard: I mean dude… you're like one tick off from being the king of the jungle, or in this case, king of the bush. You're just gonna let some fucking wild dogs that look no bigger than my dad's goddamn cattle dog steal your meal from you and chase you up a tree? You are just as big an embarrassment to the animal kingdom as the goddamn impala that just got his nuts chomped off is. 

If I wasn't shaking my head the entire time I watched this video, I'd say it was great. Not perfect, but great. A solid 7.8 or something. Not even close to "snakes chasing lizards" good…

and nowhere NEAR as good as The Battle at Kruger:

But good enough to watch on the can and say "hmm that impala was a total pussy that entire video". I mean I could have slaughtered him with my bare hands myself if I were so inclined, that's how gutless the impala was.

No pun intended, but completely intended. 

PS - We're live in Verdansk for more nature. 

Eastern Block Nature.  Let's get it.