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The Bulls Complete Intensive 4 Day Search, Set To Sign Fred Hoiberg As New Head Coach Later Today

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Man, the Bulls really did some extensive searching on this one. No stone unturned, went to the highest mountain and lowest canyon, interviewed hundreds and hundreds of candidates. Wait, what’s that? You mean to tell me they basically had Fred Hoiberg signed to a deal before they even fired Tom Thibodeau? Well that seems kind of shitty no?



We’ll get into Hoiberg as a coach when it becomes official, for now I can’t help but realize how petty this entire firing feels. How classless and low rent the Bulls Front Office has acted this past week. The Bulls leaking stories of players saying they didn’t like Thibs, Front Office releasing a statement saying the “culture of trust” had been broken, stories of Gar/Pax being upset that Thibs didn’t praise them enough to the media, having Hoiberg ready to go most likely months and months ago, all of it. I know Thibs had to be fired, I said that much on Thursday, there was no repairing the situation, but from everything I’ve read since it seems like the problem isn’t as much Thibs as it is the Front Office. A simple “we’re taking things in a different direction” would have been fine, instead the Bulls have basically bashed Thibs on the way out of town, almost like even after winning they fight they were still trying to get people on their side. They have an ego the size of the moon, they want credit and a Head Coach that will listen to everything they say. Maybe that’s Fred Hoiberg, but if it’s not? What then? Are we going to keep doing this over and over? Because it sure is starting to feel that way.







Poor Thibs, facialed by George Lopez. #Legend #TimThibodeax


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