Australian Reef Smokeshow Of The Day: Cyttopsis Rosea

The one thing we know about life, is that you never know when you're going to find love at first sight.  I opened my account on a website called on a casual Tuesday morning in October and was smacked directly in the cheekbone with this son of a bitch.  Well goddamn if that ain't some SEX ON A STICK!!! Look at the purples, look at the greens, look at those sultry pectoral fins...sweet lord forgive me for I am about to think some wild thoughts about such a hot ass fish.

Then... with beauty, comes sophistication:

This dude is dropping "photonic guanine crystals" right in your eyeball at 11:28 pm at night and he doesn't care if you were ready or not.  Now excuse me while I go research this for like 6 hours, just so I can say it with a straight face at some point in my life and look like the second coming of Charles Darwin.  

Mugatu would have shit his pants if he saw this thing swimming bopping around off a coral head.