Guess The All Star Who Didn't Think Jimmy Butler Had Won Enough To Warrant His Reputation

Hmmmmmmmm a rival All Star wasn't a fan of Jimmy Butler last season? Who do we think that could be??

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We know it certainly wasn't Joel Embiid, that dude LOVES Jimmy Butler. You read that quote and there are really only two options in my mind. The first has to be Ben Simmons. It checks all the boxes. He was an All Star last year and this season so he fits there. The commentary surrounding Butler and the Sixers was that he was their savior and he was all about winning while Ben Simmons cried like a baby because Butler tried to get him to improve. To say this, you have to be entitled to some degree, which is exactly what Simmons is. It is very Sixers (and their fanbase) to talk about someone getting praise while never "accomplishing anything" while also not achieving a goddamn thing themselves. Meanwhile Simmons has never gotten out of the second round and Butler is in the Finals. 

The other option?

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What makes me think this could be KAT is because of the "all the trouble" part. You see in Philly, Butler wasn't really all that much trouble. Outside of actually wanting Embiid/Simmons to try hard, there was never any drama surrounding that team. In Minnesota? It was the exact opposite. There was drama everywhere you looked. Things you could definitely consider "trouble". We know it wasn't Wiggins, he like Embiid came out and basically confessed his love for Butler. Remember, he was the one that said KAT couldn't handle him

KAT was an All Star in 2019 so that fits. Like Simmons this would be hilarious coming from KAT because what the fuck has he accomplished? Making the lottery until Butler got there and dragged them to the playoffs for the first time in like 15 years? 

Here are the facts. Yes, Butler hasn't won a ring or any of that shit. But you know what he did do? 

- Got the Bulls to the playoffs in 2016-17 as the #1 option after they missed the year before

- Got the Wolves to the playoffs for the first time since 2004

- Got the Sixers to Game 7 of the 2nd round, which was their best season of the ENTIRE Process. 

- Got the Miami Heat to the NBA Finals as a goddamn 5 seed, taking out the best teams in the East along the way

I'd say there was nothing about Butler's reputation last season that wasn't warranted. Especially when that reputation isn't anything crazy, just that he only gives a shit about winning and fuck you if you don't care enough. We're learning that maybe he wasn't all this "trouble" or a "bad teammate". Maybe he was actually right every time he caused a shit storm.

So who do you think this anonymous source was? I'd be shocked if it was anyone other than Simmons or KAT. This screams something they would say.