The Caps Are The Frontrunners To Sign Henrik Lundqvist And I'm Alllll About It, There's Literally No Downside



You know why I want this to happen? Because it feels like a freeroll. I cannot think of a downside. Ok so he sucks? Fine, we have future Vezina trophy winner Ilya Samsonov anyway. He's great? Perfect, finally he has a chance to win a Cup which would be so poetic that he had to leave the Rangers to get his crown. He's in between? Also perfect, he'll be a veteran, reliable backup to Samsonov, teach him things he needs to know, and be a great presence in the locker room. There's zero downside here. I hope this happens. I want to drink the tears of all the sobbing Rangers fans who never thought he'd play anywhere else. And if he doesn't sign here? Fine, no harm, no foul. But man, I'm all for this. LFG King Henrik to DC!