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How About This Dad Who Named His Kid "Camden Yards"?


This story is not about the Orioles. It’s not even about the kid. It’s about that bizarro dad. Bizarro doesn’t even scratch the surface. He made a sign about his child. The kid didn’t give a fuck. Kid didn’t want to be there. And then the dad couldn’t go a split second without mentioning that he played college baseball. Literally they could have asked him his favorite type of cereal and he would have dropped his sophomore year batting average. Guy is a lunatic. Poor kid has an Uncle Rico dad to the tee. “I woulda made it if coach just let me pitch!” Now the kid is going to have to go through his life being named Camden Yards and being tormented by his dad to live out his dreams. Good luck bucko.

PS: Love the shirt on the dad. Love it.

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