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In Honor Of Braves Vs Marlins Today, Wake Up With The Benches Clearing After Ronald Acuna Jr Plunked

Gotta love how all of these playoff match ups are between teams that absolutely hate each others guts. We didn't forget that the Marlins pulled this BS against Ronald Acuna Jr on the first pitch of a game back in 2018. Obviously Acuna was not happy with it, how could you be? You see the stats, Urena had an 11.25 ERA vs the Braves this season, so naturally he was not happy with how Atlanta was bashing his brains in that season. Like in Astros and Athletics, I don't think we'll see anything happen because it's the postseason, but I do expect to see some fireworks off the bat of Ronald Acuna Jr. Now buckle up and lets get ready for another full day of baseball.