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Tweet Of The Night Last Night Came From The Kansas City Police Department


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.32.25 AM


One of the weirder things about the booming popularity of social media is police departments having Twitter accounts.  The even weirder part is that some of them actually have a good sense of humor.  During the week of the Iowa/Iowa State game we had the University of Iowa police department Twitter account talking shit to the Iowa State police department Twitter account.  That was fun.  And then during last night’s awesome marathon Wild Card game between the Royals and the A’s, the Kansas City police department got in on the fun.  I’m a sucker for shit like this because there’s nothing worse than corporate, buttoned up Twitter accounts.  Like if the only thing a company is using their Twitter account for is to pimp their product, delete that fucking thing.  It’s pointless.  The last account I’m going to follow is one that’s sterile and toes the PC line.  I want accounts that make me laugh and are entertaining.  Sure, that backfires from time to time (looking at you, DiGiorno) but I’d much rather have a Twitter account with human qualities than some account that just slings corporate sludge.  Same goes for police department Twitter accounts.  Congrats to the Royals by the way.  What a game.  George Brett shit everywhere.


PS- If you’re a criminal you just start committing every crime in the book as soon as you that tweet, right?  You have to.  Chess and checkers.