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Come Up With My Emcee Name For My Tiko Texas Diss And Win 2 Tickets To Lil Dicky's Show Tomorrow At Irving Plaza

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Well by now everyone has heard Tiko Texas’ KFC Diss track “Numbers Never Lie.” Its practically the Barstool story of the year. Dope beat great hook horrific rap and trash rhymes. I think Portnoy actually puts it on and touches himself while listening to it. So now its obvious that I need to respond. Working on the record as we speak and so I figured I needed to get a professional’s opinion on this whole battle rap so we’re having Lil Dicky on Mailtime this week right before his Irving Plaza show tomorrow night on his Professional Rapper Tour. Gonna ask him all about his career as a rapper/funny Jewish dude and maybe get some pointers on how to eviscerate Tiko Texas on my response record.

First step is going to be settling on an emcee name. Can’t go into a battle without a good rap name. So LD’s people are giving away 2 sets of 2 tickets for tomorrow nights show at Irving for whoever comes up with the best moniker. Right now these are the front runners:

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Tweet at me @KFCBarstool and @LilDickyTweets with your KFC rap names and we’ll pick 2 winners and leave you 2 tickets at will call for tomorrow night’s show. LD is one of the most entertaining rappers in the game right now, probably the funniest of all time. Even if you cant come up with a good emcee name for this contest cop some tickets here.