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Watching Goran Dragic Talk About His Injury Is So Goddamn Sad

You can see it in Dragic's eyes, this injury is soul crushing. Put yourself in his position for a second. You finally find yourself in a good situation in Miami, only to lose your starting spot to Kendrick Nunn. You never heard him complain, you never heard him be a distraction, all Dragic did was fill his role. He was pretty good at it too, putting up 16/5 averages off the bench shooting 44/36%. Then the playoffs roll around and all of the sudden Dragic is thrown into the starting lineup. He's started 16 games so far this postseason and has arguably been one of their best and most consistent players. He put up 22.8/4/5 on 48/40% splits in their sweep against the Pacers. Then against the Bucks he backed that up with 19.8/4.8/4.4 on 44/37%. In the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celts, he hit dagger after dagger after dagger while putting up 20.5/3.8/4.7 on 42/33%. It was very clear that he was the head of the snake for the Heat. Butler may have been their alpha, but Dragic was so important to how the Heat played and was such a huge part of their success.

Enter the NBA Finals. When Dragic got hurt in Game 1, the score was 40-41. It was still very much a ballgame. We obviously know what happened next. You just really have to feel for a guy that finally got to the biggest stage, was playing the best basketball of his career and most likely won't get a chance to come back this Finals. The look on his face is brutal. Injuries happen, we've certainly seen them over these last few Finals, but that doesn't mean they don't stink out loud. 

The problem with Dragic coming back if he's not 100% is whatever he may give you offensively, he's going to be targeted every single time defensively. When you are basically playing for your playoff lives, you can't really take that risk. I think based on Game 2 and then what we saw last night, you can't help but wonder what this series would look like had the Heat been 100% healthy the whole way like the Lakers are. Maybe it won't matter and the Heat will win anyway. Maybe the Lakers are just too good. But even as someone who is most definitely not a Heat fan, I do feel for Dragic here. Shit sucks.