A Few Beers Led To Ovi And Pat Maroon Having A Weigh-Off In The Bubble

Now that the season has officially concluded, the stories are starting to unravel about the first few weeks in the bubble and how much of an absolute gong show it really was. "It was like an all paid exclusive resort." is how Stanley Cup Champion Alex Killorn described the first week in the bubble for a few guys on today's episode of Spittin' Chiclets. Think about? Dozens of the best hockey players in the world who are basically playing practice games, isolated from the rest of the world, just getting mangled in the same hotel at the same bar. The shit that went down at the Skybar at Hotel X in Toronto is probably worth its own documentary. 

The story we got on today's pod? An all-timer. Imagine the scene.....Alexander Ovechkin and Pat Maroon arguing about who is fatter at the bar, which eventually leads to a Weigh-Off, while the best hockey players in the world are all betting on who will weigh more. All while Charlie McAvoy and Torey Krug are having a pushup contest in the background with Sidney Crosby as a judge. It legitimately seems like a scene out of Animal House. 

Hot take: the bubble seemed like a fucking blast.