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Remember the Murder Hornets? Well They're About to Enter Their 'Slaughter Phase'

Ah yes, the murder hornets. Remember back in May when we all freaked out about the literal killer bees and then just sort of forgot about them and thought they'd eventually go away? Well not only are they back, they're entering the "slaughter phase."

Gizmodo — Washington State officials are frantically searching for a colony of Asian giant hornets—also known as murder hornets—before the invasive species enters its “slaughter phase.” Because of course that’s a thing.

Washington State Department of Agriculture personnel kicked off a campaign this week to uncover a murder hornet colony following a string of sightings near Blaine, Washington, the New York Times reports. The hornets are about to enter their “slaughter phase,” a period in their life cycle when they descend upon their prey of choice, bees, in droves to harvest them for food, state entomologist Sven Spichiger said in a virtual press conference Friday.

This sounds like worse news for bee colonies than humans right now, but I wouldn't exactly love to come across a murder hornet while it's in slaughter mode. And it's not even like we have these things under control. The government is "searching" for a colony of these guys? Not exactly confidence-inspiring.

I, for one, feel much more at peace having just accepted our new murder hornet overlords who are soon to descend upon us, slaughter phase and all. Everything in life is so much easier when you just accept it.

We reached Murder Hornets: Slaughter Edition with three months still to go in 2020. What a ride it's been.