The NFC East Is So Awful That the 1-3 Cowboys Have a Better Chance of Winning Their Division Than the 4-0 Seahawks

We won't get a Falcons Futility Stat of the Week until late tonight, so this week's ridiculous statistic for awful football is presented by the NFC East. After the Cowboys — who would be 0-4 if it weren't for the hapless Falcons — fell to 1-3 on Sunday, they still somehow had a 60 percent chance to win the division, according to FiveThirtyEight. However, the 4-0 Seattle Seahawks had just a 57 percent chance to win the NFC West.

If you ever need an argument for eliminating the automatic playoff berth for every division winner, just take a look at these standings.

Every few years, there's a division like this where everyone is just a train wreck, but these teams seem to have raised it to an art form this season. Hell, the 0-4 Giants are a two-game winning streak away from potentially overtaking the division lead.

It must really suck to look at that as a Seahawks fan with the 3-1 Rams nipping at your heels while the NFC East has four Weenie Hut Juniors in a 16-game pillow fight to see who gets to go to the playoffs.

While this was a fun stat to look over, I look forward much more to what cool way the Falcons will lose tonight that has never been done before. Should be fun!