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A Gambler Ranks The Gamblers At Barstool From Best To Worst

OMG. Another ranking list from BMOC. "FUCK HIM!" THAT WIRE CHARACTER LIST WAS SO FUCKIN BAD!" But here you are.

So I'm new to Barstool. Not as a fan but new as content. I came on a few weeks back after having loose connections to Barstool for awhile. For any of you that don't know me? I actually have been a gambler and a sports betting content guy for awhile. I felt it important, now that we're a full on gambling company, to rank the gamblers here. I want this to be clear as fuckin' crystal, I have no reason to butter people up or play favorites. I know you're probably going to say ... "fuck BMOC, this isn't about picks, its about how funny they are!" You would be right, every one of these guys is funny and supremely talented and my opinion about them holds the weight it holds to you.  I'm strictly looking at it from a gambling perspective and what I've observed over the last few weeks and as a fan before that. I consider myself someone who knows a lot and knows how to do things in this space. I will be honest and raw in my thinking. I stuck to full time gambling content people. Reags and a few others occasionally give picks I know. By the way, if I were listing bloggers with the highest work ethic, Reags may be number one. I also didn't rank Stu. Stu is a wild character in his own right. Someday maybe I'll interact with Stu and he will let me do a no holds barred interview. I have questions.

Anyways, let's get to the rankings, here's what I've observed ...

The scale of how I'm ranking all of these guys is a multitude of things. From what they bet on, know, how they come to their picks, the overall delivery of it and their complete performance. Also, the care they have for things that actually matter in gambling. The list is from best to worst. Keep in mind, I am not ranking myself. But many know how efficient and oracle like I am. It would just be really tacky to talk about myself. I'll say this one more time. Luckily my fuckin' opinion is only what it is, my opinion. 

1. Jack Mac: I know a lot of people may sun me for picking Jack Mac to be the best at anything. Remember the Akron/UMass debacle? That's precisely why he's ranked high. A lot of what I do and many others do is all about information. It's finding it, somewhat validating it, and running with it. Would I have told anyone outside of the Barstool gamblers? No, but Jack ran with it and it was wrong, but sometimes info is wrong. He was vilified, but he got info he thought was important. He constantly learns. On a gambling front Jack is very knowledgeable (outside of the fact that he didn't know who Brodie Croyle was) and he understands how sports betting works. He knows line moves matter and when to not bet a game or when value isn't there. I'm willing to bet if you tracked him for a year in college football, he would lead. He's smart in the NFL, NCAAB and really good betting soccer, one of the best sports to make money in. Those were also instant points for me when ranking him.  I will say this if I gave Jack Mac 10k and said I want you to bet for me, you make the decisions, I'll be back in a month, I'm confident when I came back he could grind out a profit. 

2. Dave Portnoy: Having money fucking matters and Dave is rich. Gambling is helpful when you can move big amounts of money and take shots on what you like, when you like. Dave is at the point where he has fuck you money.  Most gamblers make the mistake of betting the money they don't have and are constantly hamstrung on not having enough to bet when they really need to or like something a lot. Dave has no fuckin' worries about that. But it's his ability as a gambler when he's watching games and has what he calls the "eye" that is something to behold and also something very few have. His ability to live bet and spot tremendous value fascinates me as a seasoned bettor. Does he know every single player on every team? No. But he's a seasoned gambler. He knows what matters and what doesn't. He will never give himself the proper credit as a gambler. But I will. 

3. Blackjack Fletcher: Yes, he does still work here last time I checked. He's actually a pretty good gambler though. Another guy that knows what matters and what doesn't. He is economically smart and a money manager. He's a guy that can grind out profit, and maybe unlike others, do it in multiple sports. He reminds me of a older gentlemen that I'd see years from now at the track or sportsbook grinding shit out in a cowboy hat, with a big cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He truly loves gambling, loves the rush and knows his strengths. While he does content that may not be comedy driven, he realizes its HIS money that he worked for and he's gonna put it in smart spots. As a gambler, winner or loser, he's on the right path. Like Paul Castellano said, "make money not headlines." That's Blackjack's motto. 

4. Dan "Big Cat" Katz: Another guy that doesn't give himself enough credit. Dan is EXTREMELY good with personnel and game flow. He's somewhat similar to the way I handicap. His strong ability to know things about anything and like Dave, move money on those games, is important. His issue that I see is that he's a bit bet happy and is an emotional bettor. His negativity purveys too much and in some cases hurts his bottom line. But we've all witnessed some of the wildly good nights he's had. Remember the 8-0 night right before COVID? He's particularly strong at the NFL in my opinion. His negativity, though, even after the fact needs to be curbed and his bet happy nature gets him into trouble with wild betting swings. I have observed recently smaller cards and more thought out selections. He also knows what matters and avoids gimmicks. That elevates him for me. He's a sneaky good gambler. 

5. Brandon Walker: If there was a more ornery gambler in the building it would be Brandon Walker. He's another gambler with a bit of an emotional and stubborn streak. I will say this, though, what keeps him going and for the most part positive that I've seen is his strong ability to know everything about certain sports. His college football knowledge is Rain Man like and quite impressive. There's nothing more fascinating about someone then when they're passionate about something they love. It has translated into profitable gambling on college football. I have no reason to doubt that he wouldn't turn a profit weekly. My knock is sometimes he feels the need to bet too much and on stuff he isn't as versed in. But I've also noticed though he is willing to learn and takes advice when given. He's a solid gambler. Confidently a top 5, just a bit too emotional. In my opinion, though, I feel his sports knowledge is probably up there with anyone at the company. 

6. Paul Lo Duca: I told all of you I would keep my personal thoughts on people for the most part out of this. I'm not a fan of Paul. I will, however, give him his credit. He has something I dream of as a gambler ... he's been in the business. He was a great player for many years and has the intimate landscape most of us need to find an edge. What holds him back, and I'm sure he knows this, is that he plays far too many games. I will never tell a man how to spend his money, but this is a review, isn't it? We all have our things that we think work. Paul is also quick tempered and sometimes it seems will not bet certain things based on emotion. I've noticed his continued success on the diamond and he's particularly smart when it comes to NCAAB totals. I've just noticed and I talked about this with Dan, that high volume makes for wild variance and tough situations when it comes to profit. 

7. Marty Mush: I mean his name is Mush. He's the guy you want nowhere near the game you're on. I wanted to rank Marty higher, but Marty relishes in being the underdog and the one counted out. His betting sometimes is like his brain, a complete mushy mess. His obsession with mascot games and sycophantic fandom of the Yankees and Duke prevent him from being objective and finding value, so he just bets with provocation and is wild. He also, like others, becomes too emotional and it hurts his abilities. But he has his good days and flashes of brilliance. Admirably he doesn't care and is who he is. I mean he has monetized being a bad gambler. His knack in finding that niche is fascinating. "They the times I suppose," as Omar Little said. But while it hurts his wallet, somehow he's turned it into a career. In itself it's brilliant really and it also allows us to fade him and not feel bad about it. Marty is a guy you want to watch games with, because he's good hearted and fun. But like Eddie Mush in a Bronx Tale, it just seems like trouble seems to always find him no matter how crazy the situation is. 

8. Rico Bosco: I really tried to look for positives and to not be harsh, but I can't. Rico is not good at anything as an actual gambler. He also is the worst kind of gambler. While everyone knows his true inabilities, he actually believes he's good, which I have to add is both funny and entertaining. His memorably awful runs including the 50 burger and others that are equally historically inept. I will give him credit though ... for absolutely nothing. He sucks at gambling and doesn't win. He strives to find value that doesn't exist and becomes desperate at times, forcing things and betting large units, which is a gambling kamikaze stunt. His sycophant fans won't like this and neither will he, but like he says, I'm a man of honor and speak real and the truth. I'm taking his advice. His inability to understand and realize his shortcomings are laughable. Dave called him "David Koresh like," which is so true. His "Ryders" will ryde with him off into the sunset and into a moneyless desert of misery and despair. As long as he doesn't run and hide like he usually does, I will say this in final. Rico is someone that has some tools. But, his rash thinking and constant, "everyone's out to get me" attitude sucks and hurts him in what he strives for: respect as a gambler. I call it like it is. The Collin Morikawa pick was terrific, but in recent memory I can't remember anything positive I've seen from him as a gambler. He does everything opposite to me. Lucky for him, he's entertaining and wildly interesting. Fraudulent, but interesting. Just because he showed his face finally doesn't change what he's done in gambling. He hoped to change his spots, but it didn't work. He's just as inept as before.


Trysta Krick: Trysta is on a come up, she is finding her way into the pick game. I have seen her doing her thing betting WNBA and even some NFL. I'm excited to see where she goes with it. She has a wildly good basketball mind. She could be a real sleeper down the road in these rankings. 

Karim: This guy gets a lot of stick, and he has had a tough couple of months from a gambling standpoint. He is finding his way through and has the tools. I like the fact that he focuses on niche sports and tries to specialize in them. Sports like tennis is a market full of growth. 

One thing I do know is this company is full of stars and people with talent you just can't find anywhere. They are homegrown and blue collar. Entertaining, edgy, and emotional. Barstool is taking multiple spaces over one at a time. The future is bright and there's a little of everything. I'm happy to be here.