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Underwater Smokeshow Of The Day: Fancy Pants Albino Shark Struttin That Ass All Over Britain

Well goddamn if it isn't the first Albino Tope Shark caught off Britain's waters, or at least the first one we have a high quality picture of.  That is just one sexy fish if I don't say so myself.  Look at his face, just staring at you right in the soul saying "I'm better looking than you and there's nothing you can do about it" and then continuing its day.  Can you imagine how much his friends hate him?  I mean other than the enormous disadvantage this shark has in its ability to survive, this thing outclasses the rest of the species by such a large margin its disgusting.  I mean look at this Tope Shark:

Its beautiful!  The sleek angles and beautiful sheen from the light reflecting off the shark's denticles is gorgeous... but it just doesn't have that X-Factor that this La Flama Blanca beast has below! 

For any concerned minds, the article does say that the animal as released after these pictures were taken.  So back to the depths it goes to keep STRUTTIN THAT ASS!

Everybody wants to run these days. Its a chauvanistic pig attitude!   STRUT THAT ASS! STRUT THAT ASS! STRUT THAT ASS!