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Let's Help Kick Cancer's Ass, Shall We??

In case you missed it, pretty much everybody in the office is wearing a WHOOP (therefore pretty much everybody is obsessed with them). From PMT to Erika to Foreplay to Unnecessary Roughness… we are ALL on the wave. 

Also in case you missed it, I became a Melanoma patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2013. I've written multiple blogs about it over the last few years, so I won't rehash. But if you are interested, my guy Rone asked me about it on the YAK when I first started at Barstool. 

In case you missed Part 3: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Barstool has partnered with WHOOP to raise money for MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

Sidenote: My oncologist Dr. Ross (seen above) is also a breast cancer oncologist (he really is the best).

MD Anderson has a very special place in my heart seeing as it (quite literally) saved my life. It saves thousands of lives on a yearly basis. With the slogan "Making Cancer History", its the #1 cancer center in the country and one of the most important heavy hitters in the world of cancer research. 

People fly from all over the world to be treated at MDA. I was lucky enough to be in College Station when I was diagnosed, so when I wasn't staying overnight, it was basically in my backyard. But I still fly to Houston every 6 months, to see my oncologist (shout out Dr. Ross!) because of how much I trust the hospital and it's staff. 

There are a couple ways that you can get involved:
1. We have set up a donation page where 100% of your donations will go directly to the hospital. DONATE HERE.
2. We hosting a virtual 5K on 10.26. If you're planning to run, use COMM-5kClub in the app!

PS - If you haven't joined the WHOOP movement yet, click HERE and use the promo code 'KAYCE' for 15% off. Join the movement. 

PPS - If you want to learn more about the hospital itself, visit