Nick Young Had Perhaps The Worst Take Of All Time When Talking About MJ vs LeBron

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Ok so there is a lot to digest here. I'll concede that LeBron has been up against some all time teams during some of his Finals runs. The Warriors exist, we all know this. But I wouldn't call the 2011 Mavs a "super star" team. Duncan was 37 goddamn years old in that 2013-14 Finals. So really when you think of superstar studded teams, it's just those Warriors teams. 

Where Nick Young completely loses me is his stance on MJ. I'm sorry but that is just blatantly false. He's not saying MJ never played against a super team, but that he only played against stars and not superstars. Hmmm, what about 

- Magic Johnson (who won the MVP in the previous season)

- James Worthy

- Charles Barkley (who won the MVP)

- Karl Malone

- John Stockton

- Gary Payton

- Clyde Drexler

- Prime Shawn Kemp

That's just in the Finals. It doesn't account for the run of Bird, Ewing, Shaq, Penny, Reggie Miller, Isiah Thomas, etc. This is simply an outrageous statement no matter how you slice it. I imagine LeBron stans and young NBA fans will agree with Nick Young, but it's just flat out wrong. If you want to make the case that he never had to beat a super team like GS, well fine. That's a different discussion. But to say Jordan never had to get through super stars until he faced a washed Magic (who has just won the MVP the year before), is outrageous. 

To put this into a different perspective, when you look at alllllll the names Jordan went through, it's basically half of the Dream Team! 

I've seen a lot of spinzone in the never ending LeBron vs MJ debate, but this take right here might be the most laughable. You don't have to try so hard to prop up LeBron's legacy. He's pretty fucking good. But let's not pretend like the NBA didn't exist before 2007 or some shit. I have no doubt Nick Young was high as hell when he tweeted that out so I'm willing to give him a slight pass, but if he for real believes that well then……yikes.