At One Point Jimmy Butler Wanted To Quit Hoops At Marquette Because He Couldn't Get Any Grits In Milwaukee

[The Athletic] - Layer: After a workout, he would say, “Coach I’m quitting,” and I’d say, “Jimmy, just come back tomorrow, just come back tomorrow.”… Then he was about to quit again, and he said, “Buzz is trying to run me up out of here.” I said, “Yeah, because you’re a good player, Jimmy, but you’re not in shape and you’re not tough enough, and he’s got to get the best out of you.” He’d come back the next day, and two days later he’d say, “I’m ready to quit again Coach.” I said, “What’s wrong now Jimmy?” “I can’t get any grits here, Coach. We’re in Milwaukee. There ain’t no grits here.” I said, “Come to my house. My wife will make you a pot of grits, and you’ll have breakfast.”

Fulce: That was the kind of thing that gave Jimmy the idea that this is going to be OK. …When he found out there were people like that that genuinely gave a fuck about him, it opened the door for him.

This is one of the most on brand Jimmy Butler things yet. I know not the quitting part, but him saying he was going to quit because he can't get grits. The real question is whether or not this was a test. I've said it before in a blog today, but Butler's story of essentially his mom not wanting to be around him and making him homeless as a teenager caused him to be this person with trust issues. Then the moment his assistant coach told him to come over for grits he was cool. 

I know this was a few years back too, but how the hell are there no grits in Milwaukee? That's not a small city by any means and you can get grits anywhere. Did Jimmy look hard enough or was it more just the fact grits in Milwaukee sucked? You have to know that going into Milwaukee. You're just drinking beer, eating cheese and pork. That's Milwaukee. 

Could you imagine being at Marquette and seeing Jimmy walking around like this? 

Maurice Acker, guard: He bought a little kid “Hannah Montana” backpack. It was a pink bag with Miley Cyrus on there. Her face. It was probably for a teenager. It was small. He wore it around every day.

Acker: That’s what’s he carried his books in to class. He was a big fan. Always watched the show. All of that.

Junior Cadougan, guard: One day he’ll be wearing a pink bunny onesie, and the next day he’ll be wearing cowboy boots with a cowboy hat. He’d wear the bunny suit all day — to class, to practice. The next day he’d wear his skateboarding gear to class and practice. The next day he’ll have his toenails painted black.

Need Jimmy to bring back the Hannah Montana backpack for the Finals. Imagine him walking around with this whole look. Get the nails painted black, put on some skateboarding gear and the backpack. Come into the bubble like that and really steal the look away from LeBron. You can do that when you drop a 40-point triple double in a win. 

Jimmy Butler removing his rearview mirror is still the best Jimmy Butler story: 

No looking back, no need for road safety. Dude is just fucking hilarious.