TIL There Is A Famous Stunt Double Named DICK WARLOCK

I have a couple of thoughts on Dick Warlock…

#1. Changing his last name from Leming to Warlock was a great move. A lemming is a fat rodent, basically a chode-like guinea pig. Calling someone a lemming is like calling them a sheep that always falls for herd mentality. So going by "Dick Rodent" is not good for business, especially when you want to be a badass stuntman. Dick Warlock, however, is a name that inspires both curiosity and fear. 

#2. What a goddamn career for this guy! He plays one of the most iconic villains ever in Michael Myers (albeit in the sequels, but still), and is the 25 year stunt-double for one of the sexiest action stars in history in Kurt Russell. He did stunts on 'Jaws', 'Blazing Saddles' and 'The Thing', 3 of the most iconic movies in their respective genres! AND he has small roles in 'Spider-Man' and 'Casino', with a great scene in the latter where he electrocutes the cheating loser! 

#3. His kid, Billy Warlock, had a solid acting career in his own right. However, I'm more interested in his two other kids, LANCE WARLOCK and RHONDA WARLOCK. The former is one of the coolest names ever, second only to Dick Warlock. I would expect him to be a bully in the American version of Harry Potter or something, but he is actually a composer which is pretty cool. Rhonda Warlock sounds like someone who works for the Hogwarts admissions department or maybe an HR worker in the Chronicles of Narnia. 

This dude rules, and I would love to get an interview with him. So if anybody has his line, tell them Kenjac is looking for some Dick. Oh and make sure to check out DICKWARLOCK.COM which rules.