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Carson Wentz Called His Shot To Travis Fulgham Before The Game Even Started

When the Eagles first tweeted this video out I remember thinking to myself "who the fook is that guy". Seeing Carson, Jalen and Studfeld walking out of the tunnel with each other is pretty common. Quarterbacks heading out onto the field together. But then there's that dude wearing #13. Did the Eagles mess around and sign another quarterback? It's not the most common QB number in the world but maybe he's just a big Marino fan. But then there were the pair of gloves dangling from his face mask. Then I started getting flashbacks of Nelson Agholor so I just stopped caring. 

Turns out that man right there is Travis "Honestly, You Could Make The Case That He Has The Potential To Be The Greatest Wide Receiver To Ever Live" Fulgham. And what did Carson say to Fulgham before the game?

"Let's celebrate in that end zone, because we're gonna be there all damn night". 

Fast forward about 54 minutes later. 

And just to be safe, he also gave him a friendly reminder right before the play. 

Imagine how shitty is must feel to be a Seattle Seahawks fan right now. They had multiple chances to draft Travis Fulgham in 2019. But they went with DK Metcalf instead. I couldn't imagine being a fan of a team whose GM is that incompetent at evaluating talent. Howie Roseman is so good at it, in fact, that he even allowed Detroit to draft Fulgham just so he could claim him after being released by the Lions and the Packers. Chess not checkers. 

But yeah. Carson Wentz knew that he'd hit Travis "Future Pro Bowl MVP" Fulgham in the end zone before the opening kickoff. And that's what separates the good from the great. Carson just has that sense for the game. Everything comes so naturally to him its as if he can see the entire thing unfold in his mind before he even steps onto that field. Is Carson back or is Carson back?

Pretty sure we all know the answer to that question. 

P.S. - Eagles gotta lead the league in most amount of points scored by former practice squad players this year. 

P.P.S. - I'm so glad we were able to collectively bully Doug Pederson into getting his balls back.