I Hope No Kids Were Watching When LeBron Walked Off The Court With 10 Seconds Left Last Night

Thank god this happened at 10 pm on a Sunday. Being such a sore loser to just walk off the court while the game is still going on is one thing. But to be so narcissistic that you head to the locker room with 1 second left, forcing a teammate to take off his warmups and check in, just to inbound the ball and finish the game is the most preposterous thing I've ever seen in my entire life. The definition of Me before We. My time is more important than your time. I just pray that the kids across this nation were either in bed or watching Sunday Night Football instead. Because if not, we're going to have a new epidemic on our hands. A disease called being a bad teammate. Adults with fully developed brains know that he was being a whiny baby last night, but what about the impressionable kids that look up to him? Rec leagues across the country will be running behind schedule every Saturday morning this winter because kids will be walking off the court with time still on the clock. Sad to see. I'm not sure America is ready for the generation that looked up to LeBron.