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Enrique Iglesias Sliced His Fingers Trying To Catch A Drone At His Concert In Mexico Over The Weekend

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AP – NEW YORK (AP) — Enrique Iglesias was recovering Sunday after some of his fingers were sliced when he grabbed a drone during a concert in Tijuana, Mexico.

A representative for the singer said in a statement to The Associated Press that Iglesias was “semi-treated” after the accident at the side of the stage to stop the bleeding on Saturday night. He was advised to end the show but went on to perform for an additional 30 minutes.

“During the show a drone is used to get crowd shots and some nights Enrique grabs the drone to give the audience a Point of View shot. Something went wrong and he had an accident,” the statement read. “He decided to go on and continued playing for 30 minutes while the bleeding continued throughout the show.”


Apparently me and Enrique Iglesias are one in the same. Not gunna let a little drone cut get in the way of doing our job. Just bleeding all over the stage but still giving the crowd their moneys worth, that’s dedication. Someone, somewhere along the way probably should have told Enrique that grabbing a flying drone out of mid air was probably not going to work out well in the long run but sometimes you gotta do whatever is necessary to get the perfect shot and I know that better than anyone.


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PS- I’m not ruling out this all being an elaborate ruse so Enrique could start selling these shirts because that design is kind of fire and probably going to make him a shitload of money.



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