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UAB Kid Kills His Mom With A Baseball Bat Because She Gave Him Shit For His Bad Grades

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CNN – A 22-year-old man home from college killed his mother after they argued about his grades, authorities in Alabama said Saturday.

Tyler Ryan Blansit called 911 on Friday afternoon, Mentone Police Chief Brad Gregg told CNN.

When officers arrived at the family residence, they found Sherry Ann Blansit’s body in the back yard, he said.

Blansit confessed to killing his mother, 45, after they got into an argument over grades, said DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris.

She died of blunt force trauma, Gregg said, with the weapon being a baseball bat.

Investigators said they found scratches on Blansit, a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, when they met him at the scene, CNN affiliate WAFF said.

The father was at work during the day, the chief said.

And now in much worse UAB news…

Jesus dude, overreact much? I mean grades? In college? We’re arguing about a report card in college? Who gives a shit? Or enough of a shit to pick up a baseball bat and beat their mother to death with it? I mean I get that when you go home for the summer the last thing you want to think about is school. That shit is in the rearview. Spent the past few weeks cramming for classes you never went to, had Finals Week seriously encroach on your partying and put you in kind of a bad mood to send you off. But now it’s all over and time to chillax. So I failed a few classes, big deal. Beach and beers for the next few months until that’s a problem I have to deal with. Don’t need any nagging bullshit in your ear while you’re just trying to catch some rays and a buzz. I would however recommend that, if a family member is giving you shit about it, just go out with some friends or take a trip to the shore for the weekend or something to blow off some steam… as opposed to bludgeoning your mom with a baseball bat.

God damn psycho.