In Honor Of The Astros Vs The Athletics Today, Wake Up With Ramon Laureano Charging The Entire Astros Dugout

Now we're cooking with gas. After a few days off the MLB Playoffs start back up today and we get to jump right back into As - Astros. We all remember what happened earlier this season when they met. Ramon Laureano got plunked a few times, he tried to tell the pitcher how to break off the slider, which was a great clip. Hilarious move by Laureano to just give the pitcher some tips. So he's on first, Astros hitting coach, Alex Citnron has some words for Laser, he motions him to come over to the dugout, and that's exactly what happened. And then Cintron hid behind a couple of Astros like a child and it was one massive dog pile. There is for sure no love lost here with these guys, with it being the playoffs who knows what will happen. But this could be a super interesting series.