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The Philadelphia Eagles (1-2-1) Are For Some Reason The Leaders Of The NFC East

Never a doubt!  Maybe!  Wentz played better (and is one tough motherlover).  The defense stepped up when it mattered.  And I don't even know who the hell was catching passes for the Eagles (what in the hell is a Travis Fulgham???), but please let them all take JJAW's roster spot.  Look, the 49ers are just as or maybe even more banged up than the Eagles.  But a win is a win is a win and that's more than a tie.  However, because of that tie, the Eagles are now, someway, somehow, ON TOP OF THE NFC EAST!!!  It shouldn't be, but it be.  

5-10-1 may win the NFC East.  Seriously.  That's very, very sad...and I don't give a single fuck of a hoot.  Let's do it.  Go Birds.