Jimmy Butler Dropping 40 And Immediately Talking Shit To LeBron Is Why Jimmy Butler Is The Best

Have a goddamn night Jimmy. Have a night. Look at this stat line: 

Triple double, guarding LeBron, attacking. Just a huge fucking game without Bam or Dragic. But back to the play. This is what Jimmy Butler does the best and why I love him. Gets 40 and he knows LeBron switched off of him on the pick. It was such a light switch too, LeBron could have stayed with him but Butler knew it. That's why he got the ball screen for Morris to switch. Then immediately tells him 'you're in trouble.' Fucking Jimmy man. Such a perfect line, even if you're down 2-1 in the series. The dude just doesn't care. 

What a damn show by Jimmy. 

PS: The real highlight was Meyers Leonard flexing to celebrate a perfect box out