Giants Postgame Recap And Laps: 17-9 Loss To The Rams

I don't know if it's my optimistic nature, trying to fight off the bad juju in this pessimistic coronaworld, or the lack of oxygen in my brain right now. But I feel like I'm one of the only people, or some would say idiots, who still believes this team isn't absolute trash and that things will get better as the season goes on, mostly because I know exactly what trash teams look like after the last few years of Giants football along with being a Knicks and Mets fan. Despite all that, this is the first defense I have faith in as long as they aren't on the field for a billion plays and there is at least a chance the offense can start clicking once Daniel Jones gets Garrett's system down, occasionally goes to his 2nd read, and/or Coach Judge makes Garrett run laps until the offense gets in the end zone or he pukes his heart out of his chest. Whatever comes first, which to be honest feels like a toss up at this rate. 

The schedule looks just as brutal as it did in the preseason, if not more so. But nobody is going to feel bad for the fanbase of a franchise that has four Super Bowls, including two against the greatest dynasty we will ever see. The bottom line is the Giants played a good team close but couldn't finish things out once a DB made a great play on a bad throw. I don't know if people would be feeling better if the Giants stole that Bears game that was one play away from a dub or not. However, despite this 0-4 start that I don't think really shocked anybody considering the four defenses the G-Men faced (albeit one banged up in the Niners), the Giants are still somehow a game out of first in the NFC East with an Eagles loss or something like that. 

Whatever. Positive vibes only. Let's go Giants.