Eddie, It's Time To Toss That Chair Out Pal- Colts Beat The Bears 19-11!

How about the Boys In Blue baby! 3-1 with a 38 year old QB that can barely run?? I'll take it! I'm not saying this team is looking like the 2016 Broncos, but a boy can dream. While I'm happy as can be, I do have some empathy for 2 guys that got the short end of the stick today. The first guy is Mitch. Poor guy had to stand on the sideline all game and watch his offense go through a 60 minute walkthrough led by Big Dick Nick. The second is our guy Eddie who's probably tossed his lucky chair out into the streets of New York.

It was a good run, Eddie. Back to what I said in the beginning, this defense was HOT today. 28 rushing yards allowed, 1 INT, and only allowing 3 points up until the last minute of that game is pretty damn good! Darius Leonard was out the entire 2nd half with a groin injury and the boys still played lights out.

The offense however was not clicking. Rivers didn't have his best performance but it wasn't entirely his fault. The play calling was atrocious. I think I needed 3 hands to count how many times we ran a shotgun on 1st or 2nd & 10 and handed the ball off to Nyheim Hines to get tackled for a 2-3 yard loss. Hines is great when we use him for a HB pass or even as a slot receiver, but we don't need him as a powerback! We learned that week 1 against the Jags. We have Jonathan Taylor! FEED JT THE BALL!


Special Teams were the unsung heros for us. Shoutout Hot Rod going 4/4 on field goals and 1/1 on XP. The rookie was responsible for 13/19 points! It's about time us Colts fans can throw the kicking stress off our shoulders. 

Also shoutout to me as I will soon be enjoying a meal from Steak 'n Shake courtesy of the Chicago guys. 

3-1 and we're not done. On to the Browns we go. Go Horse and go Jeremy Chinn