Like Paulie in Goodfellas... Serie A Says: "Corona Cases? Fuck You Pay Me".

Here in America, one positive test, game postponed. Look at the NFL. A wild story out of Italy where Serie A rages on. We all know Coronavirus has ravaged largely every country on Earth. But in particular Italy... remember March and April? They had among the biggest outbreaks in the World. Luckily they figured it out and contained it, but have taken many precautions and like other leagues play on.

Serie A finished their season in July, and now the new season is about 3 weeks in. They've had largely no issues. A case here or there but no outbreaks. No bubble, business as usual. However they've followed guidelines and rules.

That's not to say, the rules don't go to the wayside though. Take no prisoners is the motto from Serie A. 

Fast forward to today, Juventus is supposed to host Napoli... Sky Sport Italia reports that Napoli "isn't coming due to positive tests" but that Juventus will take the field as usual with starting 11 introduced and be awarded the 3 points. Obviously Napoli will object and try to fight it. But for now 3 points to Ronaldo and crew. 

Many on twitter scoffed saying it's disrespectful to show up if your Juve? it's a game and a business. Not an intermural. Got to get the 3 points any way you can. 

So pre game, Juventus acted like business as usual 

They also presented lineup cards fully knowing Napoli wasn't anywhere near the stadium. Here's them taking the field as well LOL 

There's a reason the Old Lady have won 9 straight Serie A titles. Business as usual. House fire? Fuck you pay me. Broken ankle? Fuck you pay me. Can't get to the stadium because you're trying to be safe and not infect other teams and cause an outbreak? Fuck you pay me.

But then again, wild move by Serie A to not postpone the game. LOL so much for guidelines.