America Has New Soccer Crown Prince: Gio Reyna

Christian Pulisic is about to have a STUD running mate whenever USA Soccer starts up the World Cup qualifying process. It would appear that America has it's "Golden Generation". Pulisic has turned into a legitimate star in the EPL for Chelsea at age 22. And when he play with U-S-A across his chest it might be out wide because the new Prince that was promised will be distributing through the middle. Enter Gio Reyna. Starting for one of the best clubs in Germany at Dortmund and this kid hasn't even turned 18 yet. Look at what he did just yesterday

Assist #1

Assist #2

And to finish the hat trick of dimes…assist #3

Go off Prince! If you grew up watching soccer in the 1990s you probably remember his dad for being the only truly good player for USA in those World Cups, Claudio Reyna. His mom also played for USA soccer in 1993. That is what we call…genetics. Those two came together to deliver America a soccer prodigy. Now we have two. This is the Freddy Adu hype train or the Dempsey/Donovan "hey, those guys are pretty decent for Americans". No. This is a new generation. America has legitimate star players on big clubs across Europe. It's amazing. It's only getting better. Another kid, 19 year-old American Sergino Dest, signed with Barcelona this week. Basically what I am trying to prepare everyone for is USA winning the World Cup on home soil in 2026. It's coming. We have the horses now. America is becoming a soccer power. The last great sports story is unfolding before our eyes. Can't wait. All hail Reyna.