One Second You're Enjoying A Nice Hibachi Dinner, The Next Second HOLY SHIT YOUR ENTIRE BODY IS ON FIRE (Kinda NSFL)

Link to autoplay vid.

FUCK – Shangaiist reported that Xiao Qian, 20, and Xiao Qing, 20, were at a barbecue bar called Haorizi, when the grill-lighting process went awry. In the video, the server is shown pouring fuel into the grill on the table, then a giant flame burst and shot toward Qian. The server ran away from the table as Qian was completely consumed by the flames and began to roll around on the ground. Qing removed his shirt and began whipping Qian to try and put out the flames, then the video ends.


Once second you’re enjoying a nice little meal, the next thing you know you’re being lit up like a god damn Christmas tree. Holy shirts and pants. Talk about a complete 180 from expectations to reality. You’re there so happy, thinking the chef is gonna do that little volcano trick with the onions, maybe do that little move they do where they fling the food into your mouth and everyone claps when you catch it, but these guys got the old “engulf your entire body in flames, probably killing you” move. You win some, ya lose some. Some days you eat like royalty and have a nice pleasant meal at Benihana, maybe stop by Red Box and grab a movie after, and some days your entire life gets flipped turned upside down and you no longer have a face (which I hear is a big time power move anyway, so maybe she does win after all).