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Everything Is Indeed Fine: Saints FB Michael Burton's Positive Coronavirus Test Came Back As A False Positive And Today's Saints-Lions Game Is On

Quick update to last night's blog from Dante The Don (as well as The Really Good Blogger imho). 

Michael Burton's COVID test came back as a false positive, which means the Saints-Lions game should go off just fine. I say should because saying anything is definite in 2020 is a fool's errand that deserves you to get punched in the face by The Mountain.

Anyway if we are doing the Everything Is Fine Dog meme for bad news, we are doing cute dogs actually drinking their morning coffee without a full blown inferno engulfing them for good news. 

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Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

Here's to more good news or at least no more bad news for a little bit, such as this bit of sunshine that appeared on my timeline after I hit Publish.

Let's have ourselves an NFL Sunday!