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Is October 2nd A New Chicago Record For Callin' Dibs On Parking Spots With Chairs?

Scoff and chuckle all you want. 

This is a 2020 power move. 

Any other year, when sanity is still an actual thing, then this is a psycho move.

But in 2020, there are no rules. Anything goes.

So, well-played good sir or mam down there in Pilsen for letting your neighbors know not to fuck around. (I did a little detective work, zoomed in on pic, ran a trace on/googled the school address. nbd.)

(Sidebar - I realize people from outside Chicago might be like what the fuck are you talking about?

This is a totally normal and acceptable thing in this city whenever it snows. 1/8th of an inch or 18 inches. If it snows, you can clear a spot, any spot, and claim it with your property. Usually a chair, but it can be anything.)

p.s. - 

Cool story Hansel.