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Arkansas Wins It's First SEC Game in 35 Months Over.....Mississippi State

Arkansas had not won an SEC game in over 1071 days. 

One thousand seventy one days.

I'm not making that up.

And they went into Starkville tonight and took down Mississippi State.

If you were somebody fantasy booking a loss for Brandon Walker's Mississippi State it would be Arkansas.

I could really kick Brandon when he's down right now, but I'm not going to. That would be lame to do. He knows how ironic it is that Mississippi State lost to Arkansas, the team he has made fun of for hiring a "water boy" as a coach (Sam Pitman).

I will say that this is truly a classic Mike Leach loss. You have all the hope in the world before having your heart ripped out. Usually this happens midway through the season, but Mike Leach decided to condense it to a 2-week stretch this year.

This video is only 5 days old....