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I Still Can't Believe The Cubs Suck

I know I should be moving on to bigger and better things like losing half my paycheck on mid-major college overs today but for the life of me I literally can't stop thinking about the Cubs. About how much they sucked and how the Marlins are moving on. I can't stop thinking about the contract situations and relentless collapses year after year since winning the World Series. I almost dropped dead from mentally processing this graphic. 

Nearly 24 hours later and it's not getting any easier. What do you mean 19-140? What do you mean 6 walks? What do you mean we fucking suck? 

I understand that you take your lumps in baseball and not everything comes so easy. But 7 runs in the last 6 postseason games is basically just giving up before you even start. When your payroll is at the top of the mountain you can't post 7 runs in 6 postseason games. Just downright despicable offensive output from an organization that spends a lot of time thumping its own chest. What's the point of all the spring training investment if this is how it goes every single September and October? What's the point of the Marquee Network if the product we're watching ALWAYS falls apart since sending Dexter Fowler to St. Louis? Is there someone out there smarter than me that can explain why everything has gotten significantly worse since November 2016? 

I'm lost. I'm hopeless. I know the Bears are undefeated and everyone's jacked up but this is literally the worst feeling in my stomach right now as a Chicago sports fan. Theo has so much work in front of him that I wouldn't be surprised if he just got on a horse and rode off into the sunset. The amount of criticism and skepticism he'll have to navigate this offseason is astronomical. You got Lester's option. You got a Baez/Bryant extension looming. You got Rizzo coming into his last year and the question of whether or not you like Willson Contreras despite him being a loose cannon who can't even catch the staff's #1. There's so much to think about that I can't even sit on the couch and watch college football without getting upset about the Cubs. 

I'm sure it will go away but right now it sucks and I just wanted to get this off my chest. Of all the soul crushing collapses and late season failures I think this one is the worst. Definitely the most gutless. 

Everyone have a nice day. 

Go Bears.