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It Is A Total Injustice That Uga Isn't Allowed To Be On The Sideline For Georgia Games This Season

If I were Kirby Smart, I'd think about lawyering up right now. It's one thing to lose Justin Fields to the transfer portal because you wouldn't give him the starting job over Jake Fromm. But now that you're losing Uga for a full year? How many more blows could this program possibly take?

Excuse my Frenchie here but this is complete and total bulldogshit. 

Haven't we already came out and said that dogs can't get the coronavirus? What on earth is the point of keeping Uga away from these games if he can't even get the virus in the first place? Just seems like a preposterous misuse of power by whoever came up with this rule. 

Uga, noted very good boy and potentially the best boy, lives for Saturdays with the Dawgs. You take football away from him and what is he left with? A super dope life filled with super dope treats and he just gets to lounge around all day and be fucking awesome? I mean, yeah, I guess when you put it that way you could say that Uga still has a pretty sweet gig. But it's not the same when you take Saturdays away from him. It's just not right and I won't sit here and stand for it. I don't know who we have to run a petition up the ladder to in order to reverse this decision, but I'll take it to the Pope if I have to. 

Let Uga play, but maybe give Bevo the year off.