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MGK Had Himself Some Fun Yesterday, Kicking Out His Buddy’s Windshield While They Drove Down the Highway Having a Little Boys Night Out

What’d you do last night? I’m willing to bet it didn’t hold a candle to Machine Gun Kelly. This dude held a live stream concert last night at the Roxy Theatre. It was the first time he was able to play his new album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ live for everyone to see. After the concert the rapper turned pop punk star engaged in some drinking and drugs to celebrate. Not sure there’s a night in MGK’s life where he’s not doing that, but it looks like he took it to a whole different level.

While his buddy Modern Sunshine (Mod Sun) drove, MGK decided to kick the windshield out for fun. Casual. Imagine being so fucked up you kick out your buddy’s windshield for fun? Waking up in the AM from a blackout is always horrifying. Who did I text? What did I post on my story? Oh god did I drunk tweet about the Yankees again? Waking up to see I destroyed my friend’s car and destroyed his windshield while he was driving on the highway...and it’s ALL OVER THE INTERNET? I’d pack up my stuff and move to another country. Change your appearance and just start over in like Mongolia where no one knows you. 

Somehow it worked out in his favor and didn’t turn out like that scene in Pineapple Express. I try to kick out a windshield I need my food amputated. MGK does it no problem. 

Just pure chaos. That’s what a dude like MGK does on a Thursday night. Us common folk go to check out a bar and sit outside having a few drinks while we watch the Jets play football. In bed by midnight, watch some Netflix, maybe the new episode of The Boys. This motherfucker holds a live concert streamed to tens, maybe hundreds of thousands (complete guess) and then cruises around the highway blasting his album with his buddy and causing absolute mayhem. Then he gets to go home to Megan Fox. I’m such a pussy.

Anyway, here’s the concert if you wanna check it out.