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I Love This Guy Stone Cold’ing Beers As His Wedding Entrance

Idk who the lucky lady is but good chance she wakes up sore tomorrow and I’m not talking about the sex. I’m talking about the stunner in the bedroom this guy pulls because he can’t get out of character. She’s coming out of the bathroom in some fancy lace one piece and some heels, ready to consummate the marriage when Steve surprises here with a heel and a neck drop. Role play has its place but maybe not the wedding night. Maybe that’s just me: a traditional god fearing red blooded American.

Anyways as far as wedding entrances go this is fucking outstanding. You’re in-law relationships have to be so tight to pull this one off you can’t help but respect it. Father in laws are a tough crowd so either this one is a big wrestling fan or just not in the picture no offense. Just such an utterly bold and obnoxious move you have no choice but to tip your cap. Such is the case when the glass breaks.