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Absolutely Pathetic Flop Outta This Chick Trying To Scam Drivers


What in the holy hell was that?  Absolutely pathetic work out of her.  Nothing good about it.  Terrible form, terrible everything.  If this is your way to earn a living, that’s fine.  I have no beef with that.  I’ll never hate on somebody trying to make a buck to survive on this wretched planet of ours.  Survival of the fittest and all that jazz.  But you need to be more committed than that.  Like a lot more.  Bring the real thing or don’t come at all.  Throw your body at the car, drop a people’s elbow on the hood, smash your face on a window, get some blood gushing.  Anything of substance.  Everybody who watched it happen was like, “Is she fucking kidding with that?”  Her struggling with the people who were trying to take her away was priceless.  Listen lady, we know you’re not injured.  We just watched you take a LeBron flop in front of this car.  We all saw it.  Now get the fuck outta here or we’ll carry you outta here.


PS- Have scammers like this not figured out that there are dash cams on all these cars?  Maybe they’re too poor to own computer or get on the internet but they need to figure it out sooner or later.  Adapt or die.  Keep pulling stupid stunts like this and you’re never going to make any money.  Time to think of a new strategy.