Scott Frost Says Nebraska Would Play a Game in Uzbekistan if Necessary

I'm all about scheduling games that give your fanbase an opportunity to go see a stadium and opponent they might not get a chance to see very often, but Central Asia seems like a bit much. But don't tell that to Nebraska head coach Scott Frost, because he's ready to go to the ends of the Earth to play football.

"If they tell us we're playing on a Thursday, we need to be ready to play on a Thursday. If it's Sunday, it's Sunday," Frost said. "And if it's in Uzbekistan, we're gonna have to probably stop in a couple places on the way over there. Wherever and whenever we get to play, our guys are just excited to get a chance to compete."

Hell yes. Anyone, anytime, anywhere. Contrast this attitude with a program like, say, the University of Florida — which has not played a non-conference game outside the state since 1991 and will not do so until 2029 — and you see what a real Football Guy looks like.

I'm glad we finally got everything right and the kids in the Big Ten will get an opportunity to play college football this fall. And hopefully, we'll be able to have a College Football Playoff with the four best teams in the country.

At the time of publishing, the national title game is still scheduled to be played in Miami, Florida. No word on any games in Uzbekistan.