Kyrie Irving Is Hopping On IG Live Tonight So He Can Finally "Speak For Himself"

Oh what's that? Lebron and the Lakers are playing their Game 2 tonight? What a perfect time for Kyrie to go on IG Live to snag some attention! You heard him, it's time he "speaks for himself". That's different of course from when he goes onto podcasts and gives his thoughts on certain things. That's the stuff that "clickbait society" ran with and made into this huge thing that didn't exist. No personal accountability there, why would you need that? Nobody is speaking for Kyrie, they are reacting to what Kyrie says! When you say it's the first time in your career you are playing with someone who you feel comfortable taking the last shot, that includes Lebron James. Nobody is making that up. You said those words!

At this point you have to respect Kyrie's commitment to trolling. Because guess what's going to happen. He's going to go on IG, say something controversial, then get mad at the media for running with it and talking about it. Saying they are twisting and manipulating his words to cause drama. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is all self inflicted which is what makes it so funny. 

Back in June I wrote this blog for Nets fans 

and it's never been more relevant. If you are a BKN fan, read it. Take it from someone who lived this life, who spinzonned every Kyrie incident/comment/drama etc and didn't want to believe what everyone around me was saying. His talent is intoxicating and that forces you to convince yourself of pretty much anything. I can say this with certainty, this is only going to get worse once the season is back for BKN. Their first little skid, if it takes time to mesh, the first time he doesn't get the ball in a big moment and someone like Caris LeVert takes the shot, you are only just beginning what will be a windy and stressful road. 

Just mark my words. This is only going to create more drama and more attention around Kyrie, and he absolutely knows it.