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Trevor Bauer Is Still Trying to Talk Shit to the Braves Despite His Team Getting Trashed for 22 Innings

I guess I shouldn't have expected Trevor Bauer to take too kindly to Ronald Acuña Jr. putting him in a bodybag online last night, but the two are now in a full-blown meme-off. If you missed it, Acuña took some time to let Bauer know what he and the Braves thought of his antics after Atlanta swept the Reds in two games.

I have said many times over the past few months that I wanted Bauer to join the Atlanta Braves' rotation in 2021. I would now like to wholly and unequivocally retract that take. This dude sucks.

And not at baseball, I should clarify. Bauer is an awesome pitcher. But anyone who pulls shit like this after your team just got shut out for 22 innings and swept out of the Postseason has to be the worst teammate out there. If I was a position player on the Reds who just had the worst two-game experience of my career, I'd be pretty pissed that this guy is taunting one of the guys who just beat me because he pitched well.

You're on a team, dude. And I get that he's now a free agent, but I can't imagine teams looking to spend $25 million on a starting pitcher are more inclined to do so for a guy that doesn't really seem to care about winning.

Also, Bauer conveniently left off one at-bat against Acuña from his Game 1 start. I wonder which one that was.

Ah, yes. The cock shot Ronnie launched. That checks out.

I'm glad Bauer is happy with his performance, because I'm more than satisfied with shutting out a team for an entire Postseason series and moving on to play the real playoff teams. I guess it's a win-win for everybody!