The Army Or Kindergarten? We Report, You Decide

If you suffer from "Back In My Day" syndrome you probably just want to hit the back button on this one and go back to arguing with strangers on Facebook. The Army has recently released guidance on naps. Yup.

They are encouraging their Soldiers to take naps, and released some tips and tricks to make sure they get some good sleepy time. On the face of it, this is just bizarre. The military is very well-known for not giving a shit about its members, and this shows that maybe they do. Wild turn of events here.

The old Staff Sergeant in me is thinking "no fuckin way, not on my watch you fuckin bitches." Which is probably what is happening all over the Army right now. Small unit leaders are NOTORIOUS for rejecting this kind of thinking. Don't ask me why even though I was one. 

But it actually makes sense. You'd be shocked how little work there is to do most of the time in the military. You spend a huge amount of time just sitting there, waiting for the mystical "word" to come down from the company office like the Ten Commandments off Mount Sinai. Games like throw rock at rock and throw rock at pole have come out of this environment, which usually results in throw rock at each other. Might as well catch up on some sleep instead of creating a casualty.

Now that I think about, I still don't like it. Fuck your nap, go clean weapons, bitch.

But if you're going to nap, download the newest ZBT and allow our soothing voices to carry you off into your restful slumber.