No Offense But Chief Should Be Ashamed For Thinking This USA Jersey Was Anything More Than A Way For Hendrix Hockey To Make A Quick Buck

Earlier today, Chief decided to continue pushing his anti-Bombay agenda as he is typically one to do. At this point it seems a little more personal than anything. I fear that Chief's irrational hatred towards Bombay has blinded him from the facts and he is building his arguments solely based on emotion. He's not mad at Gordon Bombay. He's mad at his own Chicago Blackhawks for replacing Q with Jeremy Colliton and continuing to employ one of the worst coaches in the league. So he's taking his Colliton frustrations out on Bombay. Which is sad to see, but understandable nevertheless. 

Now Chief has had plenty of complaints about Bombay before. He says that he endangered the lives of children when he took them for a spin on the ice with his limo, even though Bombay knew that pond better than anybody in the world and knew there wasn't a single chance of the ice cracking even under all that pressure. He says it was messed up for Bombay to fuck Charlie's mom, even though Bombay was just trying to become more of a father figure to Charlie so he could really cultivate him into the best leader he could possibly be. He says Bombay is a scumbag for taking the Iceland trainer out for ice cream when the reality of the situation is he knew that cucking Wolf Stansson would drive The Dentist crazy and he'd be off his game for the rematch in the gold medal game. And now he says that Bombay is a traitor for ditching the USA jerseys in the 3rd period of said gold medal game to go out and win the Junior Goodwill Games as the USA Ducks. 

And just like every other complaint about Bombay that Chief has had in the past, he is failing to recognize the bigger picture here. He is too blinded by irrational hate to understand there is more going on here than meets the eye. So let's talk about these oh so precious USA jerseys for a moment, shall we?

Don Tibbles of Hendrix Hockey. That right there is the man you should be directing your anger towards, not Bombay. 

Don Tibbles and Hendrix Hockey did everything in their power to whore out the great name of USA hockey. They plastered their name all over everything that was associated with this team. Jerseys, pants, jackets, sneakers, PRESS CONFERENCES.

They weren't playing for the United States of America. They became corporate shills who were swept up in the jaws of capitalism. They were playing for Hendrix Hockey. That's all that uniform represented. The fact that they were owned by Hendrix. Nothing more, nothing less. 

So this speech right here before the 3rd period--the one that Chief says is the opposite of Herb Brooks?

That was Gordon Bombay reminded himself and his team that they are what makes up Team USA, not some silly little jersey which has a corporate sponsor plastered all over it and was most likely produced in China. 

It doesn't matter what jersey you're wearing. Sure, it would be nice to see the Red, White and Blue out there. But as long as you've got a group of Americans who come from all across the nation and band together to beat the shit out of a foreign opponent? Nothing else matters. Not a jersey, not a sponsor, not anything. He was able to get these kids to rally together to take down the greatest U15 international team the world had ever seen in Team Iceland, and he proved to the world that it was the players who made it happen and not Hendrix Hockey pumping in an outrageous amount of money. That right there is playing for pride instead of a paycheck. That's what the United States of America was founded upon, and you'd have to be a real spineless coward to disagree. 

Quack Quack Quack.