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Wake Up With Don't Look Back In Anger


All this week I've been posting songs off "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" in honor of it's 25th anniversary. Well my friends, today is that anniversary. 25 years ago today, Oasis put out what could very well be my favorite rock n roll album to ever exist. Front to back, it does not miss. No filler, all rock, loud guitars, great songs, great lyrics, Noel and Liam at their absolute finest. I remember the first time I listened to WTSMG, it changed everything for me. I was blown away. I still am today. 

And this song right here, "Don't Look Back In Anger" is a special one. Possibly the best live song ever, there's just something about it. I wish it were bigger in the United States, because over in England it's the perfect "pub closing" tune where everywhere sways together and sings it in unison. Here we have like..."Don't Stop Believing" which is really just drunk girls screaming nonsense. DLBIA is a beautiful song, a wonderful song, and one song I'll never get tired of watching live videos of.



Have a great Friday everyone.