Wake Up With Joe Rogan Talking About How Early Christians On Psychedelics Invented Santa Claus

This clip should make the holidays with your hyper religious in-laws and little kids fun this year

Your parents and teachers have told you that Santa Claus comes down the chimney with presents because he's magical and he flies the air on reindeer, but really it's to symbolize an ancient Russian priest sneaking into your home to help you trip your balls off and then the reindeer go nuts and try to drink your urine under pine trees because they want to trip balls too

I don't know what the truth is about this stuff, but I am fascinated. Just the idea that we have it exactly right seems impossible to me. Translated from ancient Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin, to English, and then every other language. Edited along the way. Many different authors with many different agendas and interpretations. Who knows why we do the things that we do. Nobody knows who wrote the Old Testament. Those stories could've been told orally for like 30,000 years before anyone wrote them down. Same thing with Christmas. Nothing in the Bible about Santa or December 25th. We just picked that date and tradition somewhere along the way and maybe it was from trying to get pagans and early christians to adopt a more orthodox view of the church so they combined their rituals but just left out the psychedelics. Could be. I don't know. Wild clip. Christmas is around the corner. Get excited