Fernando Tatis Jr. Is The King Of Kings

You know what I find interesting? A few things. For starters: clouds at night are so much more menacing than clouds during the day. They're the same clouds, literal identical composition, nothing different in their structural nature. But something about hanging out with the Moon instead of the Sun makes it seem like they're more willing to sell drugs in school zones while Day Clouds help old ladies cross the street while carrying their groceries. 

But another, more topical, thing that I find interesting is that for years I've been hearing that it's hard to be the face of baseball on the west coast. That playing for an irrelevant franchise with games starting at 10:00 was never going to excite the rest of the country. That the MLB as an institution needed to do more to push the narrative and instruct people to learn that there's a player tucked away in sleepy Los Angeles worthy of their attention. And then Fernando Tatis Jr. came along and told that line of thinking to kick fucking rocks and was instantly recognized as the coolest, baddest motherfucker on the planet and instantly drew the eye of anyone and everyone from sea to shining sea. Weird how it worked out like that.