Wake Up With Fernando Tatis Jr And Manny Machado Going Back-To-Back To Tie It Up Last Night

What a performance by the Dads last night. Fernando Tatis Jr hit a screamer of a 3-run homer to bring the Padres within 1 run of the Cardinals in an elimination game. As you would expect, he pimped it. Next up was Manny Machado, another notorious dong pimper. Guess what he did? Yup, solo shot to tie it. That wouldn't be the end of the pimping though. 

Tatis did it again! Another bomb later on and ohhhh boy did he toss that bat. Guy is the face of baseball and last night he acted like it. A clinic put on by Tatis and Machado. Will Myers even joined in and decided to hit 2 homers for himself. This Padres team is so damn fun to watch. They went from being down 6-2 to being up 9-6 in a heartbeat. They've got the bats to win in October, they showed that last night. And make like Manny's bat and get the hell out of here and enjoy the weekend.