#StayMe7o: Says It Wasn't His Fault The Knicks Sucked When He Was There Because He Played With Over 100 Teammates (He's Right)

"I had over 100 different teammates in 7 years. And you’re putting this all on me?"

Put that one Melo's tombstone, my tombstone and any Knick fan who wanted more from Melo era than we got. But you know what? I'll go to my grave fighting this right here. Yes, of course we wanted more from Melo. But it wasn't all on him and if you try to say 'the Knicks failed because of Melo' you're a fucking moron. The Knicks failed because of the front office. First off, the trade. YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO TRADE FOR MELO. He was coming to New York. At the minimum you could have low balled the Nuggets even more than what happened. 

But the point is this. He never had shit around him. Amar'e Stoudemire was his best teammate. Amar'e Stoudemire missed playoff games because he punched a fire extinguisher. Who was the second best teammate there? Old ass Jason Kidd? JR Smith? Landry Fields has a legit argument. Landry fucking Fields! You get the point. There wasn't shit around him. You can say 'oh but a true star will drag people to the playoffs.' Yes, Melo should have been good enough to get the 8 seed a time or two more, but again, look at the shit he had to drag. 2007 LeBron feels bad for him there. 

Oh and to be completely Knicks, of course we have fighting: 

This fucking franchise. 

Fuck James Dolan forever.