Brace Yourself, This Good Boy's Obituary Has Brought Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To Tears

Look, sometimes you just need to hear a good story, have a good cry, and be reminded of just how lucky we are to live in the same world as dogs. Charlie's story is that story. 

USA TODAY - For seven years, Sallie Gregory Hammett took her golden retriever, Charlie, everywhere with her: to work, to run errands, tailgating at Clemson games. They were inseparable. 

Everyone who knew me, knew Charlie," Hammett said.

Of course, they knew Charlie! You can't not remember that perfect face! 

But because life does whatever the fuck it wants, earlier this year, Charlie was diagnosed with cancer. Five months later, he moved on to bigger and better things, leaving his human behind to tell his story. 

More than anything else, Charlie loved his mom… He was her constant companion. There through heartache, moves grief, and joy. He was good at a lot of things, but he was best at unconditional love…

We will think of him every time we open the peanut butter. We will miss him every time we see a sock on the floor of pass a stick on a walk. We will carry him with us everywhere. He will be forever missed and forever remembered, but he behind his fierce love, which never wavered. 

That's it. That's what it's all about. We always say we don't deserve dogs - and we don't - but if we didn't have them, where would we be? Who else would show us what unconditional, unwavering love looks like? We as humans simply don't have the ability to love so purely and relentlessly all day, every day. We may feel it overall, but we certainly don't show it every minute of our lives. 

But dogs? They live their lives for us, to be with us, to make us happy. 

In leiu of flowers, the family asks that you give all your pups some extra love in honor of Charlie.

Do it for Charlie.